4 Reasons Mike Holmes Prefers Carpet Over Tiles and Hardwood Flooring in a Reno

n the latest season of Holmes and Holmes, my son Mike Jr. and I have a pretty lengthy debate about whether putting carpet in the bedroom is a good idea. He even took a poll on the construction site to support his stance. In the end, we decided to compromise. You’ll have to watch season 2 of Holmes and Holmes to find out what that meant but just know that I love having carpet in a bedroom. (more…)

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Haunted House? How Stigmas May Affect Its Value

Superstitions, stigmas and the supernatural – whether you believe in them or not, they can have a very real impact on how long it takes to sell your home and the price you’ll get for it. While the thought of a haunted house and other-worldly roommates can put the scare into some homebuyers, others might consider these a blessing in disguise when it comes time to make an offer. What’s luck got to do with it? Read on to find out. (more…)

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Considerations (and Expectations) for your Live/Work Space

With the rise of remote professions and the ensuing popularity of the live/work space, homebuyers have a new set of expectations – and challenges – when shopping the market. The home has to be convenient, connected, and have a “cool” factor to impress and inspire. A live/work space has to be large enough to accommodate this dual purpose, and organized enough that you can pivot from on-duty to off-the-clock with ease. (more…)

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