Among the many marketing tools that the Barclay Team uses to attract serious buyers to your house is the Open House. The Open House will allow potential buyers to experience first-hand all that your house has to offer. It is very important that the first impression that is made by your home be positive.
Here are some suggestions to help your Open House be successful.

  1. It is important to let go of your emotional ties to your home. As soon as you decided to put it up for sale, it became a product. Working with Gemma and Gary, determine your target buyer and how your house can meet their needs. Then, with that in mind, make sure those features of your house are emphasized through staging.
  2. Before the doors open and potential buyers walk in to view your house, be sure to
  • Clean up, both inside and outside
  • De-clutter and depersonalize
  • Fix what’s broken
  • Paint
  • Replace flooring
  • Repair or replace light fixtures

For more detailed information on each of these items see our Simple Home Improvements that Help Sell Houses page.

3. Potential buyers need to have the opportunity to see themselves living in your house. The only chance they will ever get to do that is during an open house. As professionals, Gemma and Gary as well as other agents will use their skills and knowledge to help prospective buyers understand how your house meets their needs. This can be more challenging if you are busy cooking in the kitchen or washing the cloth. There is no reason for you to attend your own open house. During the open house, go for a long leisurely walk with your pet or go enjoy the company of a friend or neighbour.

4. Be security conscious. Open Houses attract potential buyers who are strangers. Use common sense and ensure that all valuables and medicines are secured. Gemma and Gary will ALWAYS make sure that potential buyers are chaperoned as they explore your house and dream about living in it.

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