When you have found your home and want to purchase it, you will make a formal, written offer to purchase. This is a legally binding contract that outlines what you will give (a combination of price and terms) in exchange for the home. Gemma’s and Gary’s vast experience in negotiating will make the “Offer” and negotiating process smooth and stress-free as possible. They will ensure that your Offer to Purchase covers all legalities and that it will accurately reflect what you want to offer. Many buyers have found their guidance during this process indispensable.

Firm Offer to Purchase:

A firm offer to purchase means that you are prepared to purchase the home without any conditions. If the offer is accepted, the home is yours. A firm offer to purchase is usually preferred by the sellers because they do not have to be concerned about conditions not being met.

Conditional Offer to Purchase:

A conditional offer to purchase means that a buyer has placed one or more conditions on the purchase, such as subject to home inspection, financing or sale of your existing home. The home is not sold until all the conditions have been met.

Acceptance of Offer:

Before a seller accepts an offer, the offer to purchase must first be presented and reviewed by the seller. After the seller has reviewed the offer, it may be accepted as is, rejected, or returned with a counter offer. The counter-offer may be in reference to the price, the closing date or any number of variables. The offers can go back and forth until both parties have agreed or one ends the negotiations.

Contact Gemma or Gary Barclay for additional information on Making an Offer.

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