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One of the best investments you can do is to buy land. Finding the perfect spot does come with different considerations and factors. Like any property, the process of buying a land also seems intimidating and overwhelming. Hiring a professional with comprehensive market knowledge will surely make the process easy and will give you the peace of mind. Our team at THE BARCLAY TEAM can give you the best advice when buying Land in King City.

Is it a Good Building Opportunity?

No matter which location you are interested to purchase the land it is important that land has a good building opportunity. Without going through a proper check the chances are that you might end up buying a sloping site. Most of the times for the building purpose you might have to spend an extra amount of money to get the foundation ready.

Carrying out Geotechnical investigation will also provide you with a clear picture of the main elements in the ground. In case if the ground is too soft due to the presence of water it will require additional costs to make the foundation stable for the building purpose.

Future Plans and Zoning Restrictions

To be on the safer side do proper research on the zoning restriction of the area that you are interested to buy. Concerned associations have strict rules and regulations on what type of infrastructure should be developed on a certain piece of land. So if you are planning to build a peaceful vacation house; selecting a piece of land which is located close to the industrial area will be a bad idea.

Another very important thing you need to dig into is to see whether there are any future projects in the pipeline like the construction of road or others.

Availability of Water

Before closing the deal make sure to check, does that property have a connection with the water source or not. Go through all the restriction and regulations on the usage of water in that specific area.

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What is the Climate in that Part?

The sudden change in the climate does affect the style of your living. The highs and lows in the temperature, the yearly seasonal changes and even the trend in the past decade are worth to know.

Though it is difficult to know the climate of that area in detail, going through it will help you to make more informed decisions.

 Bushfires and Flooding

Find out where the House has located whether that area is prone to bushfires and flooding. If you are picturing your new home on this piece of land make sure to go through the occurrences in the past years, how safe it will be from the extreme acts of nature.

Quality of the Soil  

The quality of the soil matters. In the future, if you are planning to start construction on that land it is important that it should have the stability and the retention which is required to start construction on it.

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